Active Noise & Vibration Control

Designing mission critical solutions that help our customers get the job done.

With more than 20 years’ experience, Ultra is the market leader in active noise and vibration control for aerospace applications. To date, our Active Noise & Vibration Systems have been installed on more than 1,300 aircraft of many different types.

System Features:

  • Microphones and/or accelerometers “listen” to the noise and vibration in the aircraft cabin
  • A control unit interprets these signals and determines the required outputs from the systems’ actuators
  • Actuators (loudspeakers or vibration actuators) introduce noise and/or vibration that is in opposite phase to that being created by the engines or propellers
  • This noise interferes with the noise from the engine or propellers canceling it out

Benefits to the Operator:

  • Easier crew communication/increased passenger comfort
  • Greater crew coordination
  • Reduced crew fatigue
  • Enhanced safety (mission and hearing)
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