Vehicle Data & Power

Ultra has been at the forefront of the effort to generate generic architectures for soldiers, vehicles & bases.

In order to integrate equipment and electronics into a fighting vehicle, complex, bespoke and often expensive engineering solutions are required.

Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA) provides a cost effective open, distributed and modular power and data backbone providing simpler integration of multiple sensors, weapons, communications and platform management systems. In addition the architecture facilitates future technology upgrades.

GVA is part of the larger UK MoD Land Open Systems Architecture (LOSA) approach that is mandated for future systems integration and interoperability in the military land domain.

The LOSA framework also includes Generic Base Architecture (GBA) and Generic Soldier Architecture (GSA) in which Ultra also specialise.

Ultra offers products and expertise in the implementation of Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA) for military vehicles, compliant with both UK and NATO requirements, as well as other standards such as VICTORY in the US.

Key information

  • Open Architecture
  • Ease of Integration for most devices
  • GVA mandated by the UK MoD
  • GVA set to become the NATO Standard
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