Critical Control

Providing critical control systems where size, weight and power are limited, in challenging environments.

We solve our customers’ problems, providing engineering solutions to safety and mission critical challenges in the air and on the ground. 

Our solutions can be found in the latest military aircraft and vehicles, in civil aircraft, and in unmanned vehicles.

Ultra PCS can support your platform through its entire lifecycle, and our solutions have been designed up to and including Design Assurance Level A. We can help you:

  • Define your requirements
  • Develop system architectures to support your functional hazard assessment
  • Develop, qualify and certify systems for your platform
  • Design products that are supportable throughout the lifecycle of the platform
  • Navigate the certification rules with you to ensure that systems seamlessly enter service

If you have a critical control problem, then we can solve it.

Our Experience

We can design control systems to meet any safety case. Our solutions include:

  • Control of actuators & other effectors
  • Monitoring of sensors (position, vibration, temperature, etc.) & the processing of the signals therefrom
  • Control algorithms
  • Dynamic interconnects between system components
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