Propeller Balance Monitoring System

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Ultra’s Propeller Balance Monitoring Systems (PBMS) have been adopted on the following platforms:

  • Bombardier Q200, Q300 and Q400
  • Lockheed Martin P-3
  • Successfully trialed on the Lockheed Martin C-130

System Features

  • Accelerometers mounted on the engine gearbox communicate radial vibration data to the controller
  • This data and phase data are gathered periodically at the shaft rotation frequency (1P)
  • Data is then transferred from the controller to the balancer terminal (laptop PC) at the operator’s convenience
  • The balancer terminal informs the operator of the optimum, minimum mass, rebalance solution

Benefits to the Operator

  • 56% reduction in overall vibration levels compared with the standard ‘carry-on’ method of propeller balancing
  • Balance data is gathered continuously during the normal flight envelope and is readily available
  • The time taken to balance a four-engine aircraft is less than 1 hour
  • No test flight or dedicated ground runs are required.
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