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Ultra Electronics

The company was formed in 1925 under the name Ultra Electric by Ted Rosen.  Initially the company manufactured domestic radios.  During World War 2 Ultra began manufacturing aircraft parts for all of the significant RAF aircraft. In 1961 the domestic television and radio business was sold and the first Ultra Electronics Ltd. (UEL) was formed.

In parallel Sir George Dowty was developing the Dowty Company.  Dowty PLC acquired Ultra in 1977. The Dowty Group was then acquired by the TI Group Plc in 1992. TI Group Plc sold virtually all of the Electronics Systems Division companies of the Dowty Group to a management buy out team led by Dr. Julian Blogh, to form the second Ultra Electronics Ltd. Company in 1993.

Ultra Electronics Holdings PLC was floated on the London Stock Exchange in 1996.

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