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Environmental Test Services

Environmental Test Services

Safety & mission critical equipment must maintain performance across a wide range of environmental conditions to ensure compliance against safety and regulatory standards. Ultra provides organisations with a professional environmental testing service using our in-house mechanical, climatic and chemical test facilities.

Ultra’s testing facilities include a wide range of test capabilities to assist with identifying potential issues with product design, component robustness and in establishing that a product is fit for purpose prior to entering into the qualification phase.

The Ultra test facility has various mechanical, climatic and chemical test capabilities providing a cost-effective means for pre-qualification testing and therefore minimise the use of expensive test houses.

All the equipment is available with support from a member of the environmental test team to assist with testing and provide technical support.

Mechanical testing

The mechanical test facility has vibration, shock, constant acceleration and bench handling capability.

Vibration: The vibration systems with interchangeable slip tables are able to test sine, random, random on random, sine on random, shock and bump. 35Kn thrust with a displacement of 75mm can be achieved. The control and analysis software offers instant results allowing for accurate and efficient problem solving and reporting.

Shock: The shock facility is capable of a velocity of 400 inches/second (no load) 285 inches/second (150lbs load) with a cycle rate of 8 cycles/minute. Half-sine, trapezoidal and sawtooth wave forms at max levels of 1500g (dependant on test sample size) can be achieved.

Constant acceleration: Our 14 slip ring centrifuge is capable of testing samples up to 4Kg to a maximum of 50g.

Climatic testing

The climatic testing facility offers 8 test chambers that can simulate single or multiple climatic conditions simultaneously. The chambers can replicate extremes of temperature (-75°C to 180°C), humidity (RH 10% TO 95% (@ +10°C to 95°C), altitude (90,000ft) and temperature cycling.

Chemical testing

Ultra’s salt spray test facility enables provision of steady state exposure and can combine salt spray periods with storage under damp heat conditions. Accelerated corrosion testing can be used to check conformal coatings on circuit boards, protective coatings of materials and surface finishes as well as material compatibilities.

Key information

Testing can be performed to all major industry standards:

DEF STAN 00-35, DEF STAN 07-55, BS EN 60068, BS3G100, MIL STD 810, RTCA DO 160

Bespoke advanced monitoring equipment, jigs and fixtures for use in conjunction with Ultra’s test facilities can be designed on request.