Precision Control Systems

High Pressure Compressor for Stores Ejection

High Pressure Compressor for Stores Ejection

Ultra Electronics Precision Control Systems supplies a range of integrated High Pressure Pure Air Generators (HiPPAG™) for the supply of high-pressure dry air for use within pneumatic cold gas stores ejection systems.

HiPPAG™ 500 Series systems are designed to meet the demanding requirements of precision ejection systems and provide flexibility of installation within ejector racks, aircraft pylons or in internal weapons bays on high-performance manned and un-manned military aircraft platforms.

Each HiPPAG™ compressor system comprises a high pressure compressor module featuring a highly efficient brushless DC motor, a filter module with a desiccant filter cartridge and a compact electronic control unit. HiPPAG™ sensors control the system pressure within a set band to ensure accurate and repeatable release characteristics.

The HiPPAG™ 500 Series can also be offered with a multi-way solenoid manifold valve and accumulator and fast acting valve modules for a complete ‘induction to ejection’ pneumatic system solution.


With over 10,000 systems supplied, Ultra is at the forefront of developments in cold-gas ejection systems, having been selected for demanding programmes such as:

  • Boeing F-15
  • Lockheed Martin F-16, F-22, F-35, AC-130 & P3 Orion
  • SAAB Gripen
  • BRU-61 Small Diameter Bomb carriage system


  • Operating pressure up to 414 bar (6,000 psi)
  • Flow rate up to 20SL/min (Sea Level/STP)
  • Air dryness <15ppm H2O

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