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High Pressure Compressor for IR Seeker Cooling

High Pressure Compressor for IR Seeker Cooling

HiPPAG™, high pressure pure air generator, for infrared detector cooling is an integrated pure compressor and filtration system that is designed to replace rechargeable gas bottles. HiPPAG™ has proven its reliability in-service on key aircraft platforms with over 10,000 supplied. HiPPAG™ delivers significant benefits to the user, including:

  • Unlimited mission duration – HiPPAG™  draws in atmospheric air to provide a continuous supply of high pressure pure air.
  • Minimised logistics footprint – HiPPAG™  eliminates the need for gas bottles and their associated charging, handling and maintenance equipment.
  • Dependable gas purity – HiPPAG™  generates the gas where it is needed, within the launcher, and reliably purifies it to the very highest standards. Gas is always available ‘on-demand’ and the potential sources of contamination are eliminated.


Generation and control of high pressure pure air for cooling infrared (IR) detector systems used in gas cooled missile seekers and thermal imagers. Installation into military airborne and land based platforms as a direct replacement for rechargeable gas bottles.

Platforms Include:

  • Eurofighter Typhoon, F/A-18 Hornet and Super Hornet, JSF F-35, AV8B / Harrier, Hawk, Jaguar, Airbus Helicopters Tiger, AH-1 Super Cobra
  • Diehl BGT Defence IRIS-T-SL
  • LAU-7 / LAU-127 Launcher
  • MBDA PARS3 Long Range Trigat launcher


Specifications are dependent on the application.

  • Flow rate 7 – 20 SL/min
  • Operating pressure 200-350 Bar (3000-5000 psi)
  • Gas purity to DEF-STAN 58/96

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