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Soldier Systems

Soldier Systems

Poorly integrated equipment and the batteries required to power it can actually inhibit a soldier’s ability to fight.

Finding a way to reduce this burden has been the driving force behind UltraLYNX; which provides an open man-worn architecture that enables the efficient distribution of power and data that is lightweight and scalable. UltraLYNX enables devices that were never intended to work together to seamlessly integrate to give the user an improved operational capability.

UltraLYNX is a key component in the realisation of the benefits of any future situational awareness system; Increased operational tempo, improved operational agility and effectiveness and more efficient force application in a Combined, Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental and Multinational command (CJIIM) organisational context.

The benefits delivered by better situational awareness and more efficient power management will contribute to reducing the cognitive and physical burden on the soldier.

UltraLYNX provides the definitive standard for future soldier systems that provides a truly integrated and open systems solution.

What is special about UltraLYNX?


  • Can be provided from a range of power sources
  • Internal Power Hub manager selects the most appropriate source to use
  • Power Hub optimises battery life


  • Basic protocol is GSA compliant USB 2
  • Uses GSA defined Lean Services Architecture as middleware
  • Internal low power processor acts as Lean Service hub hosting adaptors and gateway
  • Focused on power and data efficiencies
  • Provides lighter, open solutions
  • Nett Warrior and NATO compatible

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