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Battery Monitoring Systems

Battery Monitoring Systems

The Ultra Electronics Battery Monitoring System (BMS) has been specifically designed for use on military vehicles. Based on patented technology that incorporates a real-time complex algorithm, the BMS simultaneously measures conductance, voltage, current, temperature and time to provide a highly reliable and accurate measurement of the state of health of a vehicle’s batteries. The system was proven in-theatre for mission-critical time remaining applications. It has now been refined to create a more compact and lighter version which is compatible with a broader range of military vehicle configurations.

A technological advance in electronic equipment installed in modern military vehicles has led to increased demand on the vehicle battery bank. Historically, little or no attention has been paid to the condition of the batteries until a failure occurs. To help counter this, the BMS provides the vehicle crew with accurate real-time battery health data.

Key information

  • One sensor per pair of 12v batteries
  • CANbus Interface
  • Measures voltage, current, temperature and conductance of each battery
  • Provides status data including:
    – Battery state of charge
    – Time remaining
    – Cranking state of health
    – Reserve capacity state of health


Main image courtesy MORS / CC-BY-SA-3.0