Precision Control Systems

IR Illuminators

IR Illuminators

The Infrared (IR) illuminator is a covert light source which can be used as part of a Night Vision System. The IR Illuminator illuminates the surrounding area enabling crew to detect targets and to be able to drive under blackout conditions.

Used in conjunction with Ultra’s HUBE day/low light cameras, the IR Illuminator will enable the crew to see out to 30m in complete darkness.

The IR Illuminator has been designed and proven to operate in challenging environmental conditions required by armoured fighting vehicles.

Key information

  • Emitted light is “fully covert” and undetectable to the naked eye
  • Small form factor (115mm x 75mm x 75mm) for ease of integration on or around bar armour
  • Rugged and wash proof
  • Qualified for use in a Land Class A environment

For product specifications and datasheet downloads click on the link below:


Main image courtesy PO(Phot) Terry Seward/MOD Open Government Licence v1.0