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HUBE Cameras

Digital HUBE is a high resolution colour day/monochrome night, digital output, single charge-coupled device (CCD) camera ruggedly constructed to withstand the tough operating environments associated with armoured fighting vehicle local situational awareness requirements.

The camera operates automatically over a wide illumination range providing high quality images from sunlight to moonlight using electronic shutter control and a retractable infrared (IR) filter. In low light conditions the IR filter is retracted and the camera sensitivity is increased and displayed as a monochrome image.

The retractable filter has an external control to provide manual override of the automatic setting The pre-set field of view and focus provide comprehensive coverage of vehicle operating area. The range performance can be optimised for the application from a range of available lenses.

The camera has been fully tested to military land class A EMC, tracked vehicle, shock, vibration and environmental specifications. It also features a hydrophobic coating on the front window to resist liquid obscurants. The HUBE is one of a range of Ultra rugged TV/TI cameras designed for vehicle, naval and border security surveillance.

Key Features

  • Day / Low light operation
  • Low latency digital video output
  • Rugged, compact camera, for discrete positioning
  • Built for harsh environmental operation (-46o C to + 49o C)
  • Digital Video – Def Stan 00-82
  • EMC Land Class A
  • ITAR free
  • High reliability / Low maintenance
  • Based on proven in-service design.

For product specifications and datasheet downloads click on the link below:


Main image courtesy PO(Phot) Terry Seward/MOD Open Government Licence v1.0