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Fire Control Products

Fire Control Products

Ultra Cannon Control Unit (CCU) has been designed to provide a gateway between the cannon and the remaining weapon systems. It provides control and feedback of cannon operations by way of the breech and inductor. Ultra-developed software provides communication to the Ammunition Handling System (AHS), weapon motor, clutch motor, airburst control and solenoids. The Fire Control Computer (FCC) is the computing element to control the targeting and weapon activation of modern military fighting vehicles. The computer utilises a standard 19/2” modular enclosure and incorporates a Power PC Dual core processor. The FCC is equipped with two Gigabit Ethernet communication interfaces along with RS232 and RS422 serial port connections.

Key information

  • Fire Control Computer
  • Cannon Control Unit
  • Controller for CT40 Cased Telescoped Armament System (CTAS-C)
  • Turret control
  • Ammunition handling
  • Control panels
  • Handles

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