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Stored Gas Supply Systems

Stored Gas Supply Systems

Gas Storage Vessels

Our range of high-pressure vessels is manufactured from corrosion resistant stainless steel. They are used for the storage of pure air, nitrogen or argon gases for the cryogenic cooling of infrared detectors, pneumatic cold gas actuation or stores ejection systems. A range of standard vessels are available designed to DEF-STAN 81-91and qualified for pure air storage needs, such as the 0.33L, 0.6L and 2.4L vessels.

These vessels can also be supplied with a quick-disconnect valve and matching manual charge valve. Vessels can be supplied cleaned and compatibility tested for use with pure air to DEF-STAN 58-96.

Ultra’s in-house design team can offer a solution for even the most demanding applications while meeting the general requirements of DEF-STAN 00 970. In-house capabilities include FEA stress tools, 3D design software and proof and burst-pressure hydrostatic test rigs.


  • The 0.33L, 0.6L and 2.4L vessels are designed, manufactured and qualified to meet the design requirements for high pressure pure air (HPPA) equipment as defined in DEF-STAN 81-91
  • The 0.2L, 0.75L and 1.1L vessels are manufactured to the general regulations of DEF-STAN 00 970. The 0.75L vessel has been designed for use on a sealed for life system
  • Other bottle sizes and configurations designed to suit system requirement
  • Suitable for storage of pure gases as defined in DEF STAN 58-96
  • Typical charge pressures 330 bar at 20 deg C
  • Cleaned and compatibility tested for use with pure air to DEF STAN 58-96
  • Can be supplied with quick-disconnect valve to DEFSTAN 81-91

Stored Gas Supply Systems

The range of gas supply systems offers a compact, robust and best value solution to defence system needs. High pressure dry air or an inert gas such as nitrogen is stored within high-integrity steel pressure vessels with burst disc over- pressurisation protection. The release of gas is controlled electrically through either a miniature pyro actuator for single-shot systems or a small solenoid valve for rechargeable systems.

Cold gas systems offer significant advantages over hot gas systems by allowing recharging where desirable or, for single-shot applications, a longer storage life without the performance variability associated with chemical degradation. Once the stored gas has been released, its uses can be varied. It can either be used in its high pressure condition directly or regulated down to intermediate and low pressures. Through careful design, Ultra offers a complete pneumatic system from storage to final use to ease integration and reduce supply complexity.


  • Sealed-for-life or rechargeable systems available
  • Operating temperature of -40°C to +70°C
  • Charge pressures up to 550 bar (8,000 psi) depending on system
  • Progressive pressure release
  • High strength, corrosion resistant materials


  • Missile fuel tank pressurisation / inerting
  • IR seeker cooling
  • Missile fin / wing deployment

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