Precision Control Systems

Dynamic Harnesses

Dynamic Harnesses

Translating Harness Mechanisms

Ultra’s translating harness mechanisms facilitate the transfer of power and data across dynamic boundaries such as an aircraft wing to control surface. Designs are specific to an aircraft requirement but are all based around Ultra’s cable control method to provide a reliable solution with reduced development timescales.

The latest update of EASA CS25 1309 introduces requirements dictating that information concerning unsafe operating conditions must be provided to the crew to allow corrective action. To satisfy these requirements additional sensors must be located in extreme environments on the aircraft. The safety critical nature of the application creates the need for systems with very high reliability and long service life.


  • Based around Ultra’s cable control method (UK patent application No. 0807626.7)
  • Lightweight durable aluminium construction
  • Transfers power and data signals from fixed structures to dynamic surfaces
  • Incorporates emergency breakaway
  • Facilitates the requirements of EASA CS25 1309C
  • Supports provision of electric de-icing on control surfaces

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