Precision Control Systems

Control Handles

Control Handles

Ultra Human Machine Interfacing (HMI) control handles have both air & land applications.

Aerospace solutions include:

  • Hands On Throttle and Stick (HOTAS) solutions
  • Hands On Collective and Stick (HOCAS) solutions

Their main features include: Simplex or duplex, ergonomic grip design, left hand or right hand orientation, industry standard connector interface, fail safe control, tailorable solution, switch types and layout to suit any application, analogue or digital input, CAN/RS232, EMC certified to MIL-STD-461E.


Specifications are dependent on the application.

  • Designed for harsh operational environments
  • Lightweight construction with high strength properties
  • Ergonomically and functionally optimized for operator comfort
  • High reliability with low life cycle costs